Schenectady City Court

You can reach the City Court by phone at (518) 382-5077 for any questions regarding your case. Detailed instructions on how to answer your ticket and plead guilty or not-guilty should appear on your ticket. If you no longer have a copy of the ticket in your possession and have not yet answered it, call the Court Clerk or our office for some help. Remember that pleading not-guity gives you the opportunity to either contest the case in court or negotiate a reduced charge. Depending on your past driving history and local policy, courts in New York state often accept pleas to lesser charges which can save you hundreds of dollars in fine money and insurance prices. It can also help keep your driving record free of violations which can give you an edge if you are ever charged again with a Vehicle & Traffic violation. To hire Mr. Kehoe to represent you, please send us a copy of your signed, not-guilty ticket by fax, email, or postal mail. After speaking with our office we will send you detailed instructions on how to proceed and what to expect in court. If you have questions about another type of legal matter like felony or misdemeanor criminal charges, dwi, bankruptcy, divorce, or a personal injury lawsuit, we invite you to visit some of the resources below which include a few of Mr. Kehoe's other websites dedicated to these respective areas of law.

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